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(born Oct. 3, 1985 in Queens, NY)  is an American artist whose varied artworks promote a lifestyle of awareness and self-realization.  An adept at painting, musicianship, acting, singing & dancing, Walker believes that all creative investing in cryptocurrency philippines activity can be traced to the one internal impulse to know oneself; a dynamic impulse that requires full awareness of the changing self, and a consistent sharpening of the given tools (the arts) with which we were meant to understand it.
















Walker Graham Fee

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Walker is the son of two painters. Maria Reyes Fee is an artist and scholar, and is of Cuban descent, and Brian Fee is an artist, craftsman and arts instructor of European descent. After graduating from LaGuardia High School for Music, Art and the Performing Arts, he briefly attended The Cooper Union School of Fine Art before leaving to pursue his artistic goals. Since then he has continued crypto.ph to create art that inspires self-love, self-learning, sharing and gratitude.

Currently, Walker is a ‘nomad’– intentionally living without a home or traditional employment– for the sake of his personal ‘Great Work’: The Chronicle of the Fireheart, an Illuminated Manuscript of his personal mythology. It is in the process of creating this tome that he hopes to familiarize himself completely with his inner life, and in doing so cast a light on those shared parts of humanity that our society has purposefully kept in the dark. It is his intention to buy a schoolbus, and transform it into his mobile live/workspace, where he will continue to research esoteric modes of knowledge in an effort to bring a new light of hope to crypto ph our culture from ancient times. You can support his journey here!





Creative Employment:

Self-Employed Freelance painter since 2003
Experience with:
Independent exhibitions, commissioned paintings, murals, illustration & graphic design, signs & lettering, bodypainting, facepainting, live performance painting, event portraiture

Theater for the New City,  2008-10
X Marks the Lot, Summer 2015
(The Junxion Gallery & Event Space)
Co-curator, Gallery Assistant
Wallplay Gallery, LES 2014
Gallery 151, LES 2010-13

Co-founder, The Free Art Society   2009
Volunteer-based community arts organization
Lower East Side NYC

  • The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Tompkins Sq Park 2009-2011
  • Our is the Fury: Poems and Performances, Bowery Poetry Club, 2011
  • Rockaway Kid’s Carnival, Hurricane Sandy benefit, November 2012
  • 13 Portals, Interactive Public Art Project, LES, Summer 2013

Manager, Paint the Town NYC 2010-2013
Murals, signage and seasonal window decoration

Film Intern, Hollywood CA  2005-2006
Production Design, Art Department, Camera Department on Friends with Money (Sony Pictures Classics)

Noteworthy Pursuits/ Exhibitions:
Group Exhibition: ‘9 New Yorkers in China’, Two Cities Gallery, Shanghai, China 2006
Murals @ Howl Festival, Art Around the Park, Lower East Side, NYC 2007-8-9
Group Exhibition: ‘Trashion’ @ Gallery 151, NYC  Sept 2009
Solo Exhibition: ‘The Double Shame’ @ The U Gallery, NYC Dec 2009
Group Exhibition: Wu-Tang Brand Art Show, Gallery 151,  NYC Mar 2011
Summer Residency, Governor’s Island,  4Heads,  NYC 2011
Solo Exhibition: ‘Gold’ @ Greenpoint Gallery 2011
Sing For Hope Piano, Times Square, NYC August 2011
Group Exhibition: ‘Black X-mas’ Lyons Weir Project Space, Chelsea  NYC Oct 2011
Solo Exhibition: ‘Inside Out’ @ Gallery 151 Chelsea, Summer 2012
Group Exhibition: Rock$Them, ROX Gallery, LES, NYC Spring 2013